The little larvae girl

It was wintertime in the south of Spain when we had a workshop on Nature Observation. The beautiful farmland spanned 45 ha of land and was surrounded by mountains. There were plenty of oak trees, fruit trees and bushes in the hills that rose from the riverside.

Dreamy scenery of enchanting buildings in which to eat, work, sleep,... .The owner in fact dreamt how to build each house and they were subsequently crafted with exquisite artistry and style. The whole landscape is fit to nourish human awakening and to nurse the process.

It was late when we arrived so we had no time to talk to anybody from the place or to wander around. We therefore went directly into a state of conscious communication that was to last at least for the next two days.

In the first exercise the message came immediately and straightforward: Walk east, cross the river to find the little larvae girl. It is very important. You are called to find her.

There was no doubt about the content, but it seemed symbolic; "find the little larvae girl". I imagined a bee's larvae, in its hexagon, waiting to be awakened and hovering over it a beautiful, subtle etheric teenager.

I went on with exercises to enhance our REM capacity in order to reveal more of reality, light and darkness from which color is born,....

And the message came again in observing the next tree. Actually, I realized, it was like a collective effort to make me realize something that they wanted to achieve. It felt like fun; let's play, they are telling me to find the little larvae girl.

I have no desire or need of any kind to find a particular message. I enjoy the simple contemplation of the amazing expressions of plants and the way I can receive them and I have practiced neutral observation for 18 years. Therefore, certainty is the way, not the possibility.

Then, our third opportunity to share and I feel an urge to describe the little larvae girl and the indication given to find her. The host of the farm is standing beside me and I feel her shock when she asks me what I know about it.

My answer; - I know what I see and what they have told me. Obviously, there is much more than I have awareness of and more than I can express in words. Messages given by life beings and beautifully impressed on human perception - there is always an overload on expressive capacity when using words or other means.

Well, the lady host said: The place you are talking about is the house where a girl with cerebral palsy lived for many years.

-Yes, let's go there, the whole land is yielding her love to her as a response to her sharing of the heart forces.

-And really, I mean it, the trees do scream "I love you" and I see the most luminous meeting of life beings dancing around with her soul. Do you know why they yield so much?

The host lady said: Most of the time she was in her chair screaming, it was her language.

The little larvae girl had moved to the North East some time ago. She, and her mother-who had done as much as she could to have her in nature, were really pleased with the recognition and the love message they received. Through this experience I came to realize that Nature Observation is a healing process that rescues communication with Nature Spirits, and has a good influence in the broad surrounding sphere.

The little larvae girl is making very good use of her time on Earth and helping all of us to reach this point of healing. The beauty in the images of her dance with the Life Beings bathe her heart forces and are a treasure to the farm land, and so, also to me. Without knowing this possibility we may see only loss, misfortune, and pity.