My life with fairies

I remember how amazing it was every time my mother walked by a fruit tree. There'd be a flurry of lights and colours, and the air would become filled with luminescence and celebration. I was then in my cradle –those first times I was aware of this- and I could not open my eyes wide enough to take in the whole scene. I remember my eyes glittering in the rays of light that shone in resonance, and my arms and legs dancing around.

Yes, I say 'I remember', it actually is a spontaneous evocation. We don't need to store these images, or punch in a pin to retrieve them from a so-called 'memory bank'. The past is present and alive in our inner world when we are referring to meetings with Life itself. It is not symbolic, it is real: it is present and alive. Only living memories can drive you to knowing Life. Only encounters full of truth can reset the memory of life.

Once you have experienced something like that, no matter the difficulties you may be confronted with; you will always try to find it again. Like the surfer who has traveled through the tube of a curled wave will travel the whole world searching to experience that wonder again, I have never stopped looking for that glow.

You may be wondering if whilst I was a girl growing up we in our home spoke about this. The answer is, no, we didn't. My family comes from the Celtic area in Spain, Galicia, so it was okay to hear: " Be aware today I dreamt of a dirty river", but not to speak about "them".

As a young girl I would sometimes wake up early in the mornings and leave my bed to go in search of my mother. I would walk down the stairs and toward the glass door that opened to the garden. She would be returning from her walk, and she would say, "let me come in, I have been out too long in the garden without having breakfast. I see coloured lights again". So I learned at a young age that when we sees coloured lights we must eat, and then they disappear. (?)

I believe that during our lives we learn much more than words can teach us. We learn to move or conceal energy, we learn to be suspicious about everything, or to trust. We learn to relate to the living world within us and around us, with more or less awareness of it. For me, it is very difficult to live with people who don't know how to care for their energy and their moods. It's like living in a dirty squalor, dropping bits of fat and food that can go rotten. It is filthy.

But knowing how to care for our own energetic level and soul life is not enough; I need very much to share with people who are actively engaged in evolving. Each of us is an artist, creating our own path. And the truth is, stagnant possibilities only shed an ugly smell. Every minute of our lives deserves an exquisite effort to promote the best of our talents and capabilities.

In this exquisite mood of being under construction we radiate the best of our capabilities, and this is the most desirable state for me and for others to be in. One has to be humble because 'it' is not a complete phase of being. One should be happily engaged in this process of 'trying to finish it but it's enough for now', knowing that the one who can dare to work on a moving plan (Raquel, I don't know if you mean 'plan' or 'plain') has to be very clever.

From time to time I see special flashes of light coming from the people with whom I live and share my warmest moments. The residue of which has a sweet taste. These flashes are indicative of he who dares to work on a moving plan. I love, with great passion, these 'unfinished' and courageous ones. Sometimes these flashes coincide with my own, and there is a celebration of light. At other times, they occur when I hardly have a sparkle of my own, and I enjoy focusing on this glowing impression of the other person's.

Words are so often void of meaning because we lose our sentient experience of them. Or because we have cut-off the pulsating imagery originally belonging to them. It is not possible for us to use deception when we relate to this pulsating imagery. Most likely, this is the reason why we are stupidly benevolent with the game of simply throwing words out, without a beat (Raquel, I am not sure what you mean by 'beat'-as in 'rhythm'?). It is an individual's responsibility to stop doing this if we are to overcome this moral, ecological, and economic crisis that we find ourselves in.

I am emphasizing this point because it is not possible to experience nature in its genuine intensity if one's imagination, and beat of imagery in every word, are not connected. There are many paths that lead to nowhere, but only one to reach communication with nature spirits through the good use of our talents and capacities.

Nature reflects human evolution and answers some of the riddles that abide in our souls. But nature keeps quiet and unmoved when pretense or feigning are emphasized, and so the true nature of the person is hidden.

Human beings have questions about the existence of other realms where magic beings live. But for 'them', there are legends about meetings with real human beings. It is what they long for; it is their main quest. But nowadays the portal of communication between us and 'them' vibrates all too starkly with "once upon a times".

Silence pervaded the atmosphere at home, and so the soft crashing of coal in the kitchen or the crackling of bean shells were intense and worth listening to.