Rarely Asked Questions


Rarely Asked Questions

Regarding nature spirits

Why Spirits? The word spirit comes from the Latin word "Re-Spirare" which means, "to breathe". To breathe implies to be in and out of one's own body in a rhythmical way.

I might call them "faces of trees" as they are referred to in the title of my first book (A book about the faces of trees, plants and shrubs). This is a partial description of reality.

Yes, features that are similar in appearance to what we naturally expect on a face appear on trees and other plants. You can find and photograph them, and so they can be accepted as materially real, if you so wish.

But, the way I have come to discover them has been through breathing in their expression, and then breathing out my wish to know more about them.

In my years as a student I learned to describe plants scientifically, i.e. object: plant. There was no description of the actual life of the plant. Through years of silent observation the living plant managed to open up my inner spaces and my capacities for perception, thereby awakening dormant talents and senses within me. This communication has resulted in a spiritual awakening to a common, alive, and very active world.

I was invited and challenged by these being to either see them clearly, or to stop staring at them. Re-Spirare started in both directions, as it should continue.

Now when I see what all others agree to call a plant, I know I am seeing the living expression of the Being called Plant. In the same way, if I simply listen to a beautiful poem I don't see the poet. But if I listen to the poem with sincerity the poet shall somehow appear and I shall be nearer to understand who wrote it, why, and for what purpose it was written. But to have a real encounter, I need to learn more about the poet, and more from within myself.

When practicing or teaching Nature Observation we observe the details and the totality as much as we can in the visible expression of the living plant. But in practicing, we realize that breathing in unison brings about a spiritual awakening, as it is supposed to. This common action results in communication and an intelligent exchange of giving and receiving.

Nature Spirits are revealed in the inner garden of an awakened human being.