Primary School

It was a morning Observation Experience with a 9-year-old class group.

The teacher was eager to learn and her pupils followed her example with pleasure. Two hours of preparation in the classroom was followed by observations in the garden.

The morning went smoothly, owing also to the children and adults.

The observations in the garden gave many opportunities to witness numerous talents in the children, and to see the amazing features in the trees and plants. Enchanting encounters happened more than once when the observers became aware of their own process of perception and the living plants' expressions at the same time. It was a real experience in wonder and scientific magic.

But most astonishing was when a little boy went to the teacher and said: "Teacher, do you realize that John did not disturb us at all? He is happy and calm, he's behaving normally."

Johnny could usually be labeled as a nuisance, too agitated and hyperactive. For the first time amongst his peers, he was keeping quiet and participating for the duration of the class.

Jonny's level of perception was too high, and he had had no 'translation', or means, to allow his thoughts to flow via his own interpretation of what was going on around him. Often these children are also overloaded with food additives and other chemicals, which often leads to a search for the correct conditions, the correct posture, the calming attitude that they cannot find unless they dwell in an environment free from chemicals, and the right approach to their high level of perception is used. Ever so often I notice that if there is a high capacity to perceive and a lack of understanding on how to use it, these children are restless or doubly restless if they also are affected by chemicals present in perfume, air freshener, detergents, fabric softeners or food additives.