It was in a forgotten place, in springtime.

A woman in her forties arrived late and very nervous to our first day of Observation. Some years before she had had an accident with a 30-ton tree, 30 metres long, which fell upon the bus stop she was waiting at.

She heard the noise and jumped to hug a beautiful woman in red who had suddenly appeared next her. Where they stood was the only place that the crash of the tree did not flatten the structure to the ground. The woman in red never reappeared. And when our woman was admitted to a hospital to have a resulting leg-wound tended to, she asked the police and her family members to find that mysterious woman, but there were no signs of her whatsoever.

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It was a morning Observation Experience with a 9-year-old class group.

The teacher was eager to learn and her pupils followed her example with pleasure. Two hours of preparation in the classroom was followed by observations in the garden.

The morning went smoothly, owing also to the children and adults.

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Dropping off from life

ELA´s patients' residence

Very often I reach my limits and realize how much I could grow if I had the strength and the nourishment. This happened in particular on a visit to a hospital where patients slowly stopped being able to move or participate in the life of their own body. In this environment I felt inwardly excited and wanted to reach to the edge of the abyss I perceived as mighty. I wanted to have a look, to call them back. But then I realized, once more, that whatever I wanted to do was 'overdoing', it was 'overreacting'.

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Rarely Asked Questions

Regarding nature spirits

Why Spirits? The word spirit comes from the Latin word "Re-Spirare" which means, "to breathe". To breathe implies to be in and out of one's own body in a rhythmical way.

I might call them "faces of trees" as they are referred to in the title of my first book (A book about the faces of trees, plants and shrubs). This is a partial description of reality.

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I remember how amazing it was every time my mother walked by a fruit tree. There'd be a flurry of lights and colours, and the air would become filled with luminescence and celebration. I was then in my cradle –those first times I was aware of this- and I could not open my eyes wide enough to take in the whole scene. I remember my eyes glittering in the rays of light that shone in resonance, and my arms and legs dancing around.

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