The Christmas Pixie



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The Christmas Pixie (Raquel Cachafeiro 2012) 

In this book parents and children shall find a new divine and magic meaning for Christmas. The Christmas pixie opens up for children and adults the real Christian spirit of this celebration that pixies also celebrate.

The divine and magic secret that has remain hidden for longer period is revealed now as the apple tree spirit has manifest.

The beauty of truth overwhelms any fantasy. It is a story with soul and much joy.

Enjoy with your children, with your pupils, with friends the real images of pixies in search for their spirit.




Elfic Day

The Ball of Truth

Ahrimanus the Sorcerer

Little Shian

Pixies don't Believe Children to Exist

The School of the Apple Pixies

Dora encounters Cépix

The Chief of the Festivity

Invested Pixie