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The best tool to develop your talents and to find peace and health.
Your own development cannot reach a higher potential without a real relationship with Intelligence in Nature.
Family enjoyment and learning.
It is unwise to ignore our servants and to decline the help they offer us every day. In Nature, and in our own bodies, we are helped by life beings that can do much for our own development and happiness.
Do you want to learn and grow in this exciting knowledge? Start now to make the most of 2012. You shall experience new wealth and empowerment in your life.

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Group lessons twice a month, more info at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
My intention is to guide you in an intelligent approach to the magic in nature and within yourself. My expertise for the past 25 years has been to encourage the development of conscious communication between us, and the living beings we call plants, and with the life beings dwelling around them and within us.
I have enjoyed sharing this path and the discoveries made with the pupils. It has been an honor to witness in each their personal awakening.
Now I especially desire to create new grounds for communication for parents and their children. Fairy tales are not just for those who don’t 'abide by' reality, or don’t care about paying taxes. Life is magical when it's surprising and science when it becomes routine (a route we might trust, or not, according to previous experiences). We need to form a balance between both sides: on one hand, to be open to surprises and discoveries, and on the other hand, to have a healthy routine of expecting occurrences like sunrises and sunsets. Never being open to discover magic in nature is contrary to common sense and can cause a hindrance to wellness and health. If one is confronted with surprising discoveries, then one must suspect something quite different is going on.
You can find on my site real photographs of nature spirits, little men of the trees, 'nature intelligence' or gnomes. Carved or painted in cathedrals are thousands of green men waiting to be discovered and to show a whole new realm of possibilities for mankind to develop truth-inspired relationships and better lives.